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FX is special. Over the years we got to know our ways around in that dark jungle of technical pitfalls. We make sure you`ll reach your goal in time and budget and with outstanding visual quality

FX Focus

Every piece of hard- and software and every tool we have is designed precisely to fit into our fx-centric pipeline. To name a few: Fast TB-Caching, farm-simulations, GPU-aided simulations, our own scripts and workflows


We work autonomous. With little overhead for you spent on coordination and organisation. We rely on a broad network of befriended senior fx artists and veterans around the globe giving us the option to find both specialists tailored to your needs and to scale up accordingly


Recent Projects

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Transfer realworld objects

With the help of 3D scanning, photogrammetry or just image based modeling we transfer realworld objects into the digital space.


Modeling | Rigging | Animation | Simulation | FX | Lighting | Shading | Rendering

Reborn into reality

Via rendering, 3D printing, cutting, etc. we bring digital objects to life.

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